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Stock Footage Model & Location Info

As a commercial filmmaker, I’m always on the lookout for locations to film. Also needed are people interested in being models for stock video shoots.



Only a cheery attitude and a willingness to be flexible and patient are required to work with Worldwide Media.  Usually the videos are taken with models doing natural outdoor activities (skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking, fishing, walking, bicycling, even admiring a beautiful scene). Models are compensated with complimentary digital images to use for their personal projects.

Model Release – In order to properly license the video to potential clients, it’s necessary to have a signed “Model Release” from the models. This allows the images to be sold to the commercial marketplace as explained below in About Stock Video. I supply releases for the models (or their parents/guardians, if a minor) to sign on the day of  filming.



I’m constantly searching for locations of wildlife and locations both man-made and natural settings that add a unique element to a video.  These locations vary widely depending on the type of video I’m after.  The location might be a home or cabin exterior for a holiday theme OR it may be the juxtaposition of mountains, trees and streams all lining up just right for a fly-fishing video OR it may be a split-rail fence along a rural road for a video of a grandfather walking with his young grandson OR the location of wildlife dens which we can film without disturbing their natural habitat.


In order to properly license the images to potential clients, it’s necessary to have a signed “Location-Property Release” from the property owner which allows the images to be sold to the commercial marketplace as described below in “About Stock Photography.”  I will supply one of these for the property/location owners to sign on the day of filming.



As a stock video filmmaker I make an up-front investment of my time, travel, and video content management with the goal to sell it.  I do market research and plan stock video shoots for maximum ROI.

I am not “on assignment” nor paid up-front by a client to film.

The video footage is available for sale through, my exclusive stock agency.  Sales and marketing of my videos is done by . They procure the clients that ultimately purchase my work.

Not all video will sell. The video in which you or your property appear, regardless of their most likely or immediate planned usage, may appear in TV Broadcast, Educational Training Video, or other commercial uses which is unknown at the time the video is taken.  Or, they may not be used and remain on the stock agency’s website waiting to be sold.